So, I’m going to India…

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So, I’m going to India in August. I’m nervous but also super excited.

I’m excited because I’m going with The Miracle Foundation, an Austin-based organization that partners with struggling orphanages in India to help them better care for the children. These are struggling orphanages, run by Indians, who lack the resources to provide for the children in the ways they want to. The Miracle Foundation provides those resources, such as funding, programs, and knowledge, and works with the orphanages long-term to ensure the children continue to receive the best care.

I’ll be gone for about two weeks, and will spend the majority of my time at an orphanage outside of Mumbai. I’m most excited about helping the kids with an art project/mural we’ll be doing so they can personalize their living spaces. We also get to take them on a day trip … Read More »

This new thing I’m trying

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I started making collages as a teenager to decorate my school binders. It was the only part of going back to school that didn’t make me want to throw up.

Then one summer I got really bored and started collaging on my bedroom’s closet doors. I didn’t enjoy a lot of things about my high school years (most especially the high school part) but I did love being in my room with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack playing while I made a massive collage, even with the hand cramps I got from my cheap scissors and the cuts on my thumb from tearing off pieces of scotch tape.  I don’t know if this massive collaging escaped my parents’ notice or if they really were that supportive, but they didn’t stop me. (I’m going to say they were that supportive.) Eventually I had … Read More »

You Make Beautiful Things

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A little over a year ago my nephew decided to be baptized. At that time I had wanted to acknowledge this big decision he was making but I get uncomfortable trying to say touchy-feely stuff to people and I hate writing notes in cards, so Todd and I opted to get him the Narnia books as our way (but really, mostly my way) of saying, “We love you and are proud of you but are too uncomfortable to say more than that out loud so here are some books we think you’ll enjoy. Also, Lucy is awesome.”

So my niece decides to get baptized recently and Todd and I start trying to decide how to wordlessly convey our feelings about this occasion. We’ve set this book-giving precedent, but our niece is not the voracious reader her brother is so we quickly nix … Read More »

I was right, but also wrong

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As shocking as this may be to some of you, I have a touch of the OCD. One of the little, seemingly inconsequential things that I’ve always fixated on and been bothered by is numbers, specifically odd numbers. I hate them. Except for numbers ending in 5, or single digits under 10. Then I’m okay with odd numbers. But please don’t set the volume on your TV to 17. Or your heater to 71°. Or your microwave to 23 seconds. Oh my gosh, just don’t.

This dislike of odd numbers carries over to dates as well. And last year, when 2013 was kicking my butt, I felt an odd pleasure in recognizing that I was right to dislike odd numbers because odd number years could clearly kiss it if they were going to treat me that way.

But at some point towards the end of … Read More »

Shut up, Weight Watchers

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You guys should go watch this commercial, and then come back and answer the following question.

How do you think the little girl in the beginning of the commercial would respond if she were to know what is apparently of great concern to her grown up self? Would the little girl…

A. punch her grown-up self in the face, or

B. kick her in the shin?

On deciding not to do foster care

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“Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.” -Ron Swanson

In high school, and a number of times since then, my mom has accused me of burning the candle at both ends. I thought of her when I heard the the above quote on a recent re-watch of an old episode of Parks and Recreation, and thinking of those two phrases together kind of summed up my feelings on the decision Todd and I have made to stop doing foster care.

I don’t really want to go into all of the reasons and all of the thinking that went into our decision, partly because it feels self-indulgent and partly because I tried writing all that out and I didn’t like the way it sounded. But basically I’m still healing from a rough 18 months and realized, after an especially difficult week with … Read More »

Things I learned while serving on a jury

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1. My fellow citizens have a lot of respect for jury duty. In fact, they have so much respect for it that they didn’t so much as giggle at the Troy McClure-esque “Welcome to Jury Duty” video we were all forced to watch. I don’t have as much respect. Or maybe I was the only one watching the video.

2. Facebook is making me illiterate. After the judge said I couldn’t log on to Facebook for the duration of the trial, I was astonished at the amount of reading I got done while waiting for more Candy Crush lives. I don’t even want to consider how much I could read if I cut out Candy Crush as well.

3. Twelve strangers who are forced to spend a large amount of time together but are forbidden from talking about one of the two things … Read More »

Things I learned during the Great Health Scare of 2013

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1. God works in mysterious ways, such as using my “deep and tiny veins” (not said as a compliment) to humble Bill the IV Guy. I’m sorry, Bill, but His ways are not our ways and it’s not my fault you bragged about your awesomeness to that nursing student right before you came to give me an IV.

2. I’m not being a baby when I get crabby due to hunger. I’m hypoglycemic and my crabbiness is a symptom, and someone should just feed me already.

3. This really is one of the greatest SNL skits ever.

Also, friends and family are awesome, the girls at Anatomi Imaging at St. Joe are the best, and Chick-fil-A food is really good at pulling me back from hypoglycemic shock. And I don’t have a tumor! I was sure I had a tumor. But I don’t.

Get out your bird flu masks

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Depression seems to be going around lately, at least in the little corner of the internet I frequent. There was this post from Kendi, and this one from Jenny. And I’m pretty sure Dooce is still dealing with some stuff.

Are you sad? I’ve been feeling a little down. Not depression, but anxiety. Which some would say is a slight distinction, and I guess it is, but right now it feels very different to me.

The other night I Googled natural anxiety remedies and so yesterday I did yoga and took a lavender bath. Then I got in bed and watched The Bachelorette and ate a chocolate chip cookie (which Google did not recommend, but I do). And I bought some green tea, but then I forgot to drink it. Today I’m feeling a little less anxious, aside from worrying about the bruise I got on … Read More »

Society 6!

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Hi everybody! I have some new pieces available! And I’m going to try selling prints of them on Society 6, an awesome website full of great, affordable art (that can turn into quite the time-suck if you’re not careful).

Here are the pieces, which are all prints of original pieces I hand-painted, -cut, and -glued:

Since the originals were handmade the prints will show some of the imperfections of the originals. My little OCD heart kind of hates the imperfections, but my artist heart kind of loves them because they add a warmth to the pieces that digital art just doesn’t have. And that is my timid little sales pitch on why you should but my stuff instead of someone else’s. That, and a promotion Society 6 is offering right now of free shipping on any of my art prints from now … Read More »