Dinosaurs and bubble gum and Steve Holt!

Posted on June 13th, by Hayley in Fostering. 2 comments

We had another foster care placement this week, this time including a four-year-old boy. Here are some new lessons learned:

1. I have the same taste in toys as four-year-old boys. I had been worried about the toys I’d acquired for foster kids since none of the previous foster kids stayed interested in our play room for very long, but the four-year-old boy we had this week could play for hours. So while two-year-old girls and toddler boys may not love dinosaurs and trains as much as me, four-year-old boys do. Yay!

2. It’s slightly easier to care for a kid who can talk. He can tell you what he needs and kind of follow instructions.

3. It’s significantly sadder to care for a kid who can talk. He can tell you things you don’t really want to hear.

4. There are so many bubblegum machines at the mall. SO. MANY. And a four-year-old will see every single one.

5. Our dog (Steve Holt!) is awesome. He may not like our friends or families, or people walking down the street 100 yards away from him, but he loves foster kids.

And now the kids are gone and we’re feeling this strange combination of sadness and relief, and sadness that we’re feeling relief. So many feelings involved with foster care. SO. MANY.

We’re all a little exhausted.

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