Here are some commonly asked questions* about my blog and also my answers to those questions:

What’s up with your blog’s name?
My name, Hayley, seems easy to spell in theory, but my entire life I’ve had to correct the spelling of it. The most common misspelling is “Haley,” so I’ve often found myself saying “No, it’s with two y’s.” My mom got the spelling of my name from Hayley Mills, she of Parent Trap and Saved By the Bell fame. She is the most famous Hayley (until this blog takes off, which I’m sure will be any day now, and then it’ll be me), so it’s curious to me that so many people spell my name in so many different ways. There’s this whole batch of Hayleys between 6 and 12 with spellings like Haileigh (seriously). Parents, do not do that to your children. Hayley is surprisingly hard to spell as it is, and your daughter will get very tired of correcting people when they misspell her name, which will happen her entire life. So just follow Ms. Mills’ (and Mrs. Cheatham’s) lead, and spell it the logical way.

So, are you the person who makes stuff?
I am not THE person who makes stuff, but I am A person who makes stuff. Specifically, collages and decoupage pieces. I have an Etsy shop where I sell some items, and you can check my sidebar to see other locations where my items are available. Pictures of a lot of my pieces can be found on my Portfolio page. (Please note that I said “pictures” are on the Portfolio page, not “professional pictures” or “100% in-focus pictures.” Just trying to manage expectations here.)

I have no formal training in the arts or the crafts, so I just fumbled my way along until I found some techniques that worked for me. My pieces aren’t necessarily making profound statements on the state of the world today, but I think they’re pretty. But I think the world could use more pretty, so maybe my pieces are making a statement of sorts.

What kind of topics can I expect to find discussed here on your blog?
I write quite a bit about sex trafficking, an issue that I care a lot about. I also write about foster parenting, an adventure my husband and I recently embarked upon. I plan to start sharing more about my decoupage pieces, and I enjoy blogging about pandas, TV, and things I find amusing/annoying.

What about the typical “About” page stuff?
My name is Hayley. I live in Wichita. I’ve been married almost eight years to a guy who is awesome (who is also helping me write this paragraph). We live with our two cats in an old house we don’t know how to take care of. We like to hang out with our nieces and nephew, and sometimes our grown up friends, too. I like pop culture, reading, decorating my house, history, hula dancing, and eating chocolate cake.

*No one has ever actually asked these questions, I just didn’t know how to go about writing my “About” page, and so I decided to go with this format.