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Yo. Here’s my blog.

Posted on February 21st, by Hayley in Advice for new parents, Rants, Sorry Mom. 13 comments

So, here’s my blog. It’s new. I think you should bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed. It has the potential to change your life.

Here are some questions you may have, and also my answers to those questions:

What’s up with your blog’s name?
My name, Hayley, seems easy to spell in theory, but my entire life I’ve had to correct the spelling of it. The most common misspelling is “Haley,” so I’ve often found myself saying “No, it’s with two y’s.” My mom got the spelling of my name from Hayley Mills, she of Parent Trap and Saved By the Bell fame. She is the most famous Hayley (until this blog takes off, and then it’ll be me), so it’s curious to me that so many people spell my name in so many different ways. There’s this whole batch of … Read More »