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Here’s what I’ve been reading…

Posted on February 27th, by Hayley in Books. 1 Comment

since we last discussed books.

First You Have to Row a Little Boat. Recommend? Yes
The Alchemist. Recommend? Not really.
Life of Pi. Recommend? Yes, but not to my mom.
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Recommend? Yes.
Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. Recommend? Sure.
Last Letter from Your Lover. Recommend? Yes. Or you could just watch An Affair to Remember. I kid! It was a good book.
Wordy Shipmates. Recommend? Yes.
The Heartbreak of Aaron Burr. Recommend? Yes, with a tall glass of water – because this book is dry. (Get it?)
A Year of Biblical Womanhood. Recommend? Kind of. I more heartily recommend the author’s blog or first book.
Unbroken. Recommend? Yes, although it did send me to bed crying a few times. War sucks, y’all. But read it now because I just read that Angelina Jolie is directing the movie version and she’s having the Coen … Read More »

Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Updating My Blog

Posted on October 4th, by Hayley in Books, Decoupagerie, Depression, Miscellany. 6 comments

Therapy. Sometimes modern medicine doesn’t do the trick/isn’t the only thing you need to get you feeling better. If that’s the case with you (as it was with me), I would suggest you ask your sweet psychologist friend for recommendations of therapists in your area. If you don’t have a sweet psychologist friend you should go find one and then get a recommendation for a therapist. If your area is sorely lacking in sweet psychologist friend prospects you should move. That place sounds horrible. If moving isn’t feasible, just start asking around. There’s no shame in wanting to go to therapy, and I promise you that your pastor/friend/grocery-store-check-out lady has either been to therapy or knows someone who has and can recommend someone to you. And then you can begin learning how to control your horse, which is what my … Read More »

I read some stuff

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My friend Kathryn regularly does book reviews on her blog and I always find them very enjoyable. I’ve been reading quite a bit lately so I thought I would also do some book reviews.(Bu they won’t be as good as Kathryn’s. You should really go visit her blog.)

First Family, Ellis: This is about John and Abigail Adams, and I loved it. I love George Washington with his wisdom and stoicism, and Benjamin Franklin was funny and shocking and prescient, but I really love John Adams’ humanity. And wisdom of course. I mean, the guy was very smart. But he was insecure and principled and impatient and overly concerned about his legacy. And he had an awesome, wise wife whose opinion he truly valued. And he was on-off-on best friends with Thomas Jefferson, which makes me like Jefferson more. If John … Read More »

To Kill A Mockingbird

Today is To Kill A Mockingbird’s 50th anniversary, and so the media is doing what it always does on such an occasion and is “re-examining” the book in the context of today. I really love this book and it pained me to read the recent criticisms of it. I started wondering if the writers of these articles were correct, and it really is overly simplistic, sexist, and apologetic to racists. So I decided to read the book again – after about seven years since the last time.

After this latest reading, I’ve realized that no, I am right. The book is terrific. Here are just some of the reasons.

Harper Lee wrote a book for children about children learning about racism and injustice, introducing many of her young readers to those issues for the first time. I think that’s an accomplishment. As it’s a children’s book, … Read More »


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Exciting news! We’re going on vacation in a few weeks! We’re going to the The Hotel Riu Santa Fe in Cabo and will be blogging and tweeting about our trip. We have our passports, plane tickets, house sitter and swimsuits, and now I’m trying to decide what books to take. I have an ongoing list of books I want to read, but I have some special criteria for my vacation book(s):

Nothing too serious/sad
No chick-lit books
Nothing too big

I would love to read some of the classics I haven’t gotten to, but they’re all relatively short so I’d finish them while waiting to board the plane in Houston and then be stuck lugging them around the rest of the week. (This is why it would be amazing if I were able to rent a Kindle*; I don’t want to buy one but would love … Read More »