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Christmas Cards 2011

Posted on November 6th, by Hayley in Christmas, Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. No Comments

Hey people, I’m selling Christmas cards. Some of you have kids and are probably planning on sending out photo cards this year to show off those cute kids. But some of you don’t have kids, and some of you have kids that aren’t that cute, so maybe you just want to send out traditional cards this year. If that’s the case, please take a look at my offerings.

Christmas Cards (Click on the cards for a larger view.)

The cards are $10 for a pack of 12 (including envelopes). You can order a pack which includes 3 of each design or a pack of 12 cards in the same design. I guess we could also do 6 cards in two different designs, if you ask nicely. The inside reads “Happy Christmas!” but you could also personalize your message. Maybe something like, “Susie … Read More »

As Promised

Posted on November 23rd, by Hayley in Christmas, Stuff For Sale. 2 comments

So a while back I promised you guys some products I would be offering for sale. Well, I didn’t follow Todd’s instructions very well in the production of these items, and then we ran into some technical difficulties, which led to some marital difficulties, which all means that I’m posting these items way, way later than I intended to. To try to make up for my tardiness, though, I have even more items to offer you.

Behold, my Christmas 2010 stuff (click each to view a larger image):

These gift tags are $8 for a pack of 16, which includes four of each design. You can get the rectangle tags or square tags. There’s space on the back of the rectangle tags for the To and From info. Below is a picture of how pretty the different tags look on empty boxes … Read More »