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Posted on February 10th, by Hayley in Cold Medicine, Conan, I've Never Taken LSD, Law & Order. 2 comments

I’ve spent the majority of this week in bed with a sinus infection. This is only my second sinus infection ever in my life, and it has confirmed for me the theory I developed after my first: sinus infections are stupid.

I previously blogged about a weird trip* I took during a sermon at my parents’ church. A few months later I was walking down the hall at work, thinking about how amazing knees are, and realized that was a weird thought and that I was feeling similar to how I felt that morning in church. I then realized the common thread was cold medicine, and came to the conclusion that my “enlightened” state at church that morning was in fact a side effect of the large quantity of cold medicine I’d taken to alleviate the symptoms of my sinus infection, and I had … Read More »

Cold Medicine & Polygamists

Posted on October 20th, by Hayley in Cold Medicine, Polygamists, TV. 2 comments

So I appear to be fighting off a cold, and the cold medicine someone told me wouldn’t keep me awake the other night did, in fact, keep me awake. I’m a good sleeper and usually don’t have trouble falling back asleep if I wake up in the middle of the night, but I finally gave up at 4:00 am.* Turns out, those insomniacs are correct when they say there’s nothing on TV at 4:00 am. I settled on Who’s The Boss, a show I enjoyed in my childhood, and I noticed a few things about that show that I don’t think I caught 20 years ago.

Mona was not nearly as old as I thought she was.
The production values were very low. Seriously, the sets for when Tony goes to Italy because he’s inherited his Uncle Aldo’s vineyard looked like high … Read More »