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This new thing I’m trying

Posted on September 9th, by Hayley in Collages, Stuff I Made. 3 comments


I started making collages as a teenager to decorate my school binders. It was the only part of going back to school that didn’t make me want to throw up.

Then one summer I got really bored and started collaging on my bedroom’s closet doors. I didn’t enjoy a lot of things about my high school years (most especially the high school part) but I did love being in my room with the Pulp Fiction soundtrack playing while I made a massive collage, even with the hand cramps I got from my cheap scissors and the cuts on my thumb from tearing off pieces of scotch tape.  I don’t know if this massive collaging escaped my parents’ notice or if they really were that supportive, but they didn’t stop me. (I’m going to say they were that supportive.) Eventually I had … Read More »


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As of Sunday night, I have more than one item in my Etsy shop. I’ve got eight new collages on blocks and canvases for sale (some of which you should be able to see to the right), and this time I’m not completely ashamed of my product photography. However, I’m not totally comfortable with my product descriptions. If you read my descriptions please bear in mind that I was tired of agonizing over seeming funny and capable and artistic all at the same time so I just wrote the first things that came to mind with very little editing. And I was done in about half the time it would have otherwise taken me, which was important because I had a cupcake waiting for me.

So please take a look at my augmented Etsy shop, buy something if you’re swayed by my … Read More »

For Sale: “Bird perches upon stick, reflecting on the shortness of life, while eyeing a worm that it plans to consume, causing further reflections on the shortness of life.”

Posted on May 19th, by Hayley in Adoption, Collages, For Sale, Fundraising, Stuff For Sale. 1 Comment

Here’s the next piece I’m offering for sale in an effort to raise money for our adoption. I really like the colors on this one (which are more saturated in print) and the fact that it’s a little more clean and modern than most of my collages. I also like the pretentious title Todd gave it.

For $15 you get an 8×10 print on matte, acid-free paper. And all of my profits go towards our baby, so there’s also that.

If you’d like to make a purchase, please use my Contact page to order one. Thanks!

Hummingbird Take Two

Posted on May 4th, by Hayley in Adoption, Collages, For Sale, Fundraising, Stuff I Made. 3 comments

Many of you already know this, but Todd and I are planning to adopt a baby from Rwanda. We started a blog about our adoption nearly a year ago and are just now posting again. We’re working on choosing an adoption agency and starting to raise some money. I’m going to be selling my decoupage art here to help raise money for the adoption. All of the money I make from the sale of the pieces will go towards our adoption fund. 

For the first piece, I’m actually re-offering this Hummingbird piece, as we are now able to make prints of the collage – something we weren’t able to do the first time I posted it. For $15 you get an 8×10 print on matte, acid-free paper. If you’d like to make a purchase, please use my Contact page to order … Read More »

Bowling for Kids’ Sake

My good friend Vanessa works for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Todd and I are once again “helping” her by joining her team for Bowling for Kids’ Sake. I’m hoping to raise more money this year than I did last year (and at least cover the cost of my bowling and pizza), so I’m offering an incentive. For every $10 a person pledges for my bowling, his/her name will be entered in a drawing for an original collage, created just for this giveaway. (So if you pledge $10, your name will be entered once, if you pledge $20, your name will be entered twice, etc.)

The 8″x10″ collage features wings because of how Bigs take Littles “under their wings” when they become mentors. (Cute, no? That part was Todd’s idea.)

Please note: The collage actually looks much better than this, and Todd … Read More »


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So, I made this thing a couple of months ago and it’d be awesome if you bought it from me.

I painted and hand-stenciled the canvas, and then decoupaged onto the canvas the hummingbird and flower that I cut out of a nature book. You can buy the original for $50, or a digital copy for $10 which I’ll e-mail to you so you can print it out and do with it what you will. I recommend printing it at 7 1/2 x 10 inches. I can send it with crop marks or without, you choose. I’m here to please!

To purchase either the original or a digital copy, please contact me.

Click the image below for a larger preview.