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You’re worth a billion of them.

“So. The world hates you. You are considered the worst thing to be compared to. Throw like a girl. Talk like a girl. Cry like a girl. God forbid we ever be girls.”

This post has been floating around the internet this week. (Warning – adult language.) For those of you who didn’t click through in fear of four letter words I’ll tell you that it’s a letter a woman wrote to her daughter that’s basically about how the world hates her because she’s a girl, but she shouldn’t worry about that because the world is stupid. I enjoyed it and agreed with a lot in part because, except for some details, it could’ve been about my niece who doesn’t fit into any stereotypes.

I’ve seen one criticism of the post but I’m sure there are others out there because this is the internet … Read More »

I’m totally about to pull a Britta

Posted on April 3rd, by Hayley in Community, Sex Trafficking, Stuff That Matters. 4 comments

“After the punter* left it [the payment] seemed like such a small amount. I would look at it, contemplate it, and then hide it somewhere in my house. It never got used for anything worthwhile, despite all my reasonings earlier in the day. It would disappear as fast as it got there, on air, seemingly, or I would leave it hidden and forget about it. I could never say for sure where it went. I would never have used it on anything worthwhile, or special or anything that I actually cared about because I couldn’t put that money into something good. I couldn’t put that money into something I really cared about. Sometimes it went towards my bills or rent; necessities. Once I had it, I had no use for it, except for how it made me feel for that … Read More »

British Invasion

Posted on October 29th, by Hayley in British People, Community, Project Runway, Stuff I Love, TV. 2 comments

I was watching Project Runway’s finale last night* and there were commercials for Lifetime’s new show, The Fairy Jobmother, during every single commercial break. They even tried to trick me into watching the commercials by including Project Runway contestants in them, but I was not fooled and fast-forwarded my way through each and every one of them. But then, immediately after the show** another commercial for The Fairy Jobmother aired and I caught part of it. Apparently, the show involves a British woman who helps out of work Americans find a new job.

Timely? Yes. But, it’s yet another show in which a British person comes over here and tells us how to better handle our business. There’s that nanny telling us how to raise our kids, and Jamie Oliver telling us what to feed our kids, and Gordon Ramsey telling … Read More »