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Hershey’s: Continuing to make me sad

Posted on October 25th, by Hayley in Hershey's, Stuff That Matters. 4 comments

Halloween is upon us, which means that if you’re not a total grump you’re going to be passing out candy to your neighborhood’s children. Before you pick up said candy on your Dillon’s run tonight, please read this post.

I think I previously posted about how Hershey’s Company is controlled by jerks who refuse to make strides towards implementing labor rights standards among their cocoa suppliers, meaning they aren’t doing all they can to insure child and/or forced labor isn’t being used to grow their cocoa. They continue to be jerks in this regard. You can sign a petition asking them to stop being jerks here.

And in addition to being jerks for the above reason, they are also jerks because of this.

So do not pass out sad candy to your Trick-or-Treaters this year, and avoid the following candies/brands:

5th Avenue
Almond Joy
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Whining is good, but signing petitions is better

Posted on April 8th, by Hayley in Hershey's, Modern Slavery, Stuff That Matters. No Comments

I recently wrote about Hershey’s being a big jerk and not agreeing to use fair trade chocolate. But I failed to tell you what you could do about it, other than whine on your blog.*

So if you’re someone who is really tired of walking into your office’s break room every day and seeing a basket full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and KitKats that you can’t buy because you’re taking a stand against a big, mean chocolate company, you can go here and sign a petition encouraging Hershey’s to do the right thing.

You’ll still have to avoid looking at that basket in your break room, but at least you’ll have done a little something to help someone else.

*Not that that isn’t a terribly effective tool. I mean, I did get my Goonies DVD.


Posted on March 30th, by Hayley in Hershey's, Modern Slavery, Stuff That Matters. No Comments

Sometimes I let my ideals paint me into uncomfortable corners. Like in high school, when I was tired of Kenneth Cole using his ads to promote his political ideology, I decided that I should boycott his products. I don’t know if you guys were shopping at TJ Maxx in the late ‘90s early ‘00s, but about 85% of their shoes were Kenneth Cole. Don’t worry, I soldiered through and found plenty of other shoes to buy, but it wasn’t easy.

Now I’ve forced my family and myself to boycott Hershey’s because they won’t agree to get its cocoa from suppliers who have been verified to meet labor rights standards, such as not using child labor, forced labor, or trafficking. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Hershey’s makes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This has been very difficult for me.

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