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And now I’m talking about Joan Rivers. Gross.

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A fight has erupted over a segment on Joan Rivers’ Fashion Police show on E!. For those who don’t know, the show involves a panelist of people who supposedly know something about fashion or style who look at pictures and videos of celebrities and make fun of what they’re wearing. I mean, I think that’s what it involves. I’ve never actually watched an episode since Joan Rivers kind of drives me nuts. (Seriously, I’ve never watched it. This isn’t like those other times when I’ve claimed not to have watched a trashy show. I know you don’t believe me, though. This is why you don’t cry “I-don’t-watch-bad-TV-shows.”)

Some people I respect, like Rachel Lloyd of GEMS, do watch the show. Last week Rachel wrote a piece for The Huffington Post about one of the segments from the show. During the segment, … Read More »


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I previously wrote about the abundance of Britney Spears fragrance commercials that over-loaded the airways prior to Christmas, and about how insulting it would be to receive one of those fragrances as a gift. (This is the part where I really hope that none of you gave/received such a gift.)

Then I saw an interview done by Jessica Grose of Slate. Grose interviewed Valerie Frankel, a “collaborator” on Snooki’s* new book, A Shore Thing.  Grose wrote that, in arranging her interview with Frankel, an odd but specific question popped into her mind about Snooki: what does she smell like?

The answer? Britney Spears perfume.

Click here to read more about Frankel’s “collaboration” with Snooki, and learn the origin of the phrase: “A fart slipped out. A loud one. And stinky.”

*Mom and Dad: Snooki is the little orange girl with the big hair on MTV’s … Read More »

Here it is…

Note: This post may not be as controversial as I made it seem in my previous post. Sorry if this disappoints any of you.

There’s an episode of “South Park” (that I heard about from a friend of mine, because I obviously don’t watch that show, Mom) in which a cloud of smug threatens to destroy many of America’s large cities. The smug cloud forms over LA after George Clooney’s bloviating Oscar speech, and then slowly moves to towns like San Francisco and Seattle. It eventually hits the town of South Park, where the citizens have grown smug about their driving hybrid cars. The smug cloud doesn’t devastate the town like it does some of the other big cities, but it does cause extensive damage. According to my friend, after the cloud of smug hits South Park, the adults of South … Read More »