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Things I learned while serving on a jury

Posted on October 16th, by Hayley in Jury Duty, Law & Order. 2 comments

1. My fellow citizens have a lot of respect for jury duty. In fact, they have so much respect for it that they didn’t so much as giggle at the Troy McClure-esque “Welcome to Jury Duty” video we were all forced to watch. I don’t have as much respect. Or maybe I was the only one watching the video.

2. Facebook is making me illiterate. After the judge said I couldn’t log on to Facebook for the duration of the trial, I was astonished at the amount of reading I got done while waiting for more Candy Crush lives. I don’t even want to consider how much I could read if I cut out Candy Crush as well.

3. Twelve strangers who are forced to spend a large amount of time together but are forbidden from talking about one of the two things … Read More »