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Tread on Trafficking 2012 Wrap-up

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Friends/Family! I exceeded my Tread on Trafficking goal this year and it’s because you guys are awesome. It’s not because I walked a whole bunch, because I lost track of my miles in early to mid June and I have no idea what my final count was. But I know you’ll forgive me since you didn’t give because of my walking but because you care about victims of sex trafficking, and because you’re awesome.

As stated above, I know you gave because you care about the work Love146 is doing all over the world. But I also know you gave to my specific campaign because you care about me to some degree, and that means a lot to me. So even though you didn’t give $550 to me personally, you did give $550 with me partly in mind, so I feel … Read More »

Faraway Neighbors

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For the past few years there’s been a big push to do everything locally. We’re all encouraged to buy from local retailers and eat food from local farms, and especially to support local causes and non-profit organizations. Many non-profit organizations tout on their websites and in their literature that all money raised will stay right here at home and help our neighbors. I understand the value in doing so many things locally, but I get caught up on the donation part. I know I’m supposed to help my neighbors like everyone keeps telling me to do, but who are my neighbors?

When I read on the internet about girls in southeast Asia getting abused in brothels and learn of their needs, do they become my neighbors? When I read in a magazine about women in eastern Europe getting trafficked to the … Read More »

You are precious. You are not a commodity.

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The “146” part of Love146’s name comes from the number a little girl was wearing on her chest one night in a brothel. The people who would found Love146 were visiting the brothel, trying to learn more about sex trafficking. The girls that were for sale that night were behind a piece of glass. The soon-to-be rapists stood on the other side of the glass and chose which girl they wanted, indicating their choice by stating the number on her chest. Girl 146 stood out to the Love146 founders because of the fight they saw in her. You can read a more detailed and eloquent explanation of the inspiration behind Love146’s name here.

A few years after first seeing Girl 146 one of the founders of Love146, Rob Morris, was asked what he would say to that little girl then, after … Read More »

In an effort not to suck

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I’m still raising money for Love146 by Treading on Trafficking. I haven’t been talking about it much in real life or on the interwebs because it’s so uncomfortable to ask people for money. When I went to Love146’s conference nearly two years ago, Rob Morris, a co-founder of Love146, said a few words to the attendees at the closing of the conference. He said that when people ask what it’s going to take to end sex trafficking his answer is, “for all of us to not suck.” And I feel like I kind of suck when I’m scared off from asking people in my life to donate to help end sex trafficking because it makes me uncomfortable.

So, will you please donate to my Tread on Trafficking campaign? There are people who most definitely do not suck who need funding to … Read More »

Tread on Trafficking 2012 – Update #1

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Miles Walked/Rode/Hula’ed: 10.67
Money Raised: $150

As I mentioned previously, I’m participating in Tread on Trafficking again this year. It officially started May 1, so I’m a little late in writing this post. I’m going to blame it on the pieces I was finishing for Lucinda’s and Steve Holt, our new puppy. Yes, I got Todd a puppy as an early birthday gift. Yes, I’m an awesome wife. Yes, he’s a sweet puppy, but he’s exhausting. And I’ve never talked about bowel and bladder movements so much in my life.

Here’s a picture of Steve Holt the night we brought him home, when he was called Lebron. (He had two other names before we landed on Steve Holt, but we have to stick with this one because we got an engraved dog tag at PetSmart this weekend with his name on it.)

Anyway, I’m … Read More »

Tread on Trafficking

“I got to take out what was hidden in my heart.”
– Trafficking survivor, India

Recently an aid blogger wrote about how she often gets asked what the best way is to get involved with a cause, and she answers:  give money. It doesn’t seem exciting to us here in America, but it’s what’s needed.

There are groups of smart, capable, honest people fighting good fights all over the world. But to continue to do that they need more resources, particularly money. Somebody’s money paid for the rescue operation that led to the freedom of the trafficking survivor I quoted above, and paid for the care she received afterwards that made her feel safe. That is exciting.

Love146‘s Tread on Trafficking is about to begin, and I’m going to be participating as I did last year. Some of you were very generous last year and supported me, and I … Read More »

I have a question. Please be nice.

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Many moons ago (or maybe just one moon, I don’t know) I spoke to a real college class about international sex trafficking. These were people who paid real money* to learn stuff, and then they came back from their lunch break one day and found me, ready to speak to them for half an hour. They were very polite and looked as though they were interested, and I didn’t lose control of any bodily functions, so I felt like the presentation was a success.

After I was done speaking the teacher opened it up for questions. I had apparently fooled even her into believing I knew what I was talking about.

And then people took her up on her offer and actually started asking me questions. And most of them were about domestic trafficking. I had just spent 30 minutes discussing international … Read More »

Tread on Trafficking Update #2

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Day: 41
Miles Walked: 43.5
Money Raised: $260

So, I’m a little over halfway through my Tread on Trafficking campaign. As you can see from the above numbers, I’m a little over halfway to my fundraising goal of $500, and I’m a little under halfway towards my goal of walking 89 miles. I have a lot to do between now and June 30.

Why am I so far behind on my walking? Because it’s been hot, and walking is kind of boring. And I swear I’ve been pretty busy lately, but right at this moment I can’t come up with what it is that’s been keeping me so busy.

But! I am not giving up. I will make it to 89 miles by June 30. And I’d be really excited if I could also make it to $500 by June 30. I know there are … Read More »


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Lately, I’ve been asking you all for some money. You may not have noticed since I’ve been so subtle about it.

You know the money is for Love146, a group that works to end child sex trafficking and to restore victims of sex trafficking. I think their work is something everyone can agree is valuable and worth supporting. But I thought it might be worthwhile to get a little personal and explain why I value their work so much, why I’m part of Tread on Trafficking, and why it would mean so much to me if you would partner with me on this project.

(Before I get started, I will take this opportunity to make sure you understand that this post, if you haven’t figured it out already, will not be about a TV show. Or a movie. Or a food I’m … Read More »

Tread on Trafficking Update #1

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Day: 6
Miles Walked: 0

Technically, ToT began on May 1. In actuality, I have not started walking yet. Why not? Because I have no motivation as you people haven’t sponsored me.*

OK, that’s only partly true. I spent the first half of this week caring for my friend’s kids. I actually thought I could maybe take the girls out for walks and get some mileage in, but the Sesame Street and dress up and random throwing up (by the 10-month-old, not me) didn’t allow much time for anything else.

“But Hayley,” you say. “You were done watching the girls by 6:00 pm on Wednesday night. What have you been doing since then?”

Since then, Ms. Nosy-pants, I have been falling asleep on the couch at 8:00 pm and celebrating Cinco de Mayo at Bella Luna. And I’ve been thinking a lot about Big Bird, … Read More »