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I was right, but also wrong

Posted on January 15th, by Hayley in Miscellany, OCD, Stuff That Matters. No Comments

As shocking as this may be to some of you, I have a touch of the OCD. One of the little, seemingly inconsequential things that I’ve always fixated on and been bothered by is numbers, specifically odd numbers. I hate them. Except for numbers ending in 5, or single digits under 10. Then I’m okay with odd numbers. But please don’t set the volume on your TV to 17. Or your heater to 71°. Or your microwave to 23 seconds. Oh my gosh, just don’t.

This dislike of odd numbers carries over to dates as well. And last year, when 2013 was kicking my butt, I felt an odd pleasure in recognizing that I was right to dislike odd numbers because odd number years could clearly kiss it if they were going to treat me that way.

But at some point towards the end of … Read More »

Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Updating My Blog

Posted on October 4th, by Hayley in Books, Decoupagerie, Depression, Miscellany. 6 comments

Therapy. Sometimes modern medicine doesn’t do the trick/isn’t the only thing you need to get you feeling better. If that’s the case with you (as it was with me), I would suggest you ask your sweet psychologist friend for recommendations of therapists in your area. If you don’t have a sweet psychologist friend you should go find one and then get a recommendation for a therapist. If your area is sorely lacking in sweet psychologist friend prospects you should move. That place sounds horrible. If moving isn’t feasible, just start asking around. There’s no shame in wanting to go to therapy, and I promise you that your pastor/friend/grocery-store-check-out lady has either been to therapy or knows someone who has and can recommend someone to you. And then you can begin learning how to control your horse, which is what my … Read More »

Playing Catch Up

Posted on August 16th, by Hayley in Miscellany. 2 comments

So here are a few things I probably would have written sometime over the past six weeks if, you know, I’d written anything:

Kate Middleton wears nude hose all the time. I don’t know how I feel about that.
How ’bout this hot weather?
Casey Anthony, outrage, etc.
Harry Potter, Snape, etc.
Debt ceiling, stupid politicians, etc.
How ’bout that stock market?
I sure am relieved the NFL owners and players finally reached an agreement.

And now it’s like I was never even gone.