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“Oz” and other thoughts

Posted on March 15th, by Hayley in Movies, My Sister's Kids. 2 comments

I took my niece and nephew to see Oz The Great and Powerful last weekend. They loved it. (But they also chose watching Larry the Cable Guy’s Tooth Fairy 2 over getting donuts, so their judgment is suspect.) I did not love the movie, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that it didn’t seem to respect women. I was thinking about blogging my thoughts but I waited long enough and the internet did it for me. You should go read about it.

In other thoughts, while waiting for the movie to begin my nephew was explaining some rule that exists in his house and how his mom said it was the rule so it was clearly the rule and clearly needed to be taken seriously. And I felt like responding, “Kid, your mom is just my big … Read More »

I love it so much I can’t even decide on a favorite quote to use as a title to this post

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The website Splitsider has a blog series called The Finally Screenings in which a writer finally gets around to watching one of those movies everyone has got to see to be a real person. (You know, the ones you’re ashamed to admit you haven’t seen? Like me and the original Star Wars?*) And then the author decides if the movie is worth all the hype.

The most recent entry in this series is about The Goonies. It is one of my very favorite movies ever, and I still have to watch when I catch it on cable even though I could probably re-enact it for you right now if you asked me to.

ANYWAY, the author perfectly describes why The Goonies is so awesome, and I think you should go read his piece and be reminded of why you love it, too. … Read More »

A Christmas Story

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Eleventh in a new blog series I’m calling “The 12 Posts of Christmas.” I completely ran out of steam by the seventh (okay, sixth) post, but thanks to Andy Rooney, I’m keepin’ on.

Are we all ready for the annual 24-hour A Christmas Story marathon? Here are some fun facts to keep in mind as you watch the movie this year. Be grateful Jack Nicholson was busy in 1982.

If your family is like mine, there’s probably one family member who mutters that she doesn’t understand how you can watch this movie over and over. Don’t let this get you down and cause you to resort to violence of this magnitude:

Just keep watching the movie until she lets the magic wash over her and she sits down and watches the movie with you.

Santa Claus

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Sixth in a new blog series I’m calling “The 12 Posts of Christmas.” Clever, right? I’m probably the only blogger with this type of blog series this month. Actually, I’m just low on inspiration and thought it would be easy to come up with multiple posts regarding Christmas. I may, however, get bored of this before I reach 12 posts.

I apparently posted about my favorite Christmas movies a little early. If only I’d known that I would soon be watching 1985’s Santa Claus, starring John Lithgow and the little girl from The Parent Trap 2, I would have waited.

I missed the first half of the movie, which covers Santa’s origin story, but I most definitely caught the second half. This movie had everything I never knew was necessary for a good Christmas movie, such as Dudley Moore as an elf named … Read More »

Christmas Movies

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Third in a blog series I’m calling “The 12 Posts of Christmas.” Clever, right? I’m probably the only blogger with this type of blog series this month. Actually, I’m just low on inspiration and thought it would be easy to come up with multiple posts regarding Christmas. I may, however, get bored of this before I reach 12 posts.

 When I was younger, there was a person in my life who loved Christmas movies and made a big deal out of watching them every year, particularly the old ones. I didn’t have warm feelings towards this person, and for a long time I associated the classic Christmas movies with him/her, and that was dumb. There are a lot of great Christmas movies, old and new, and they’re way too good to let one person who I don’t particularly like keep me … Read More »


There’s a new tumblr called My Life is Lost. I’m not completely clear on what tumblr is, but MLIL is made up of short stories submitted by people to show how their life has been consumed by Lost.  My favorite example is this conversation, overheard at Penn Station in New York:

“Girl #1: This whole Ben situation is really starting to piss me off.
Girl #2: I know! I just don’t know what his deal is.
Girl #1: He called me like twelve times yesterday.
Girl #2 (stopping in the middle of Penn Station): He called you? (pauses for a moment) Oh, you mean Ben your boyfriend, don’t you?
Girl #1: As opposed to?
Girl #2: Ben from Lost.
Girl #1: Don’t talk to me for an hour, please.”

Anyway, even with my love for Lost, I don’t find myself immediately being reminded of it throughout my day. … Read More »

Toy Story 3

Apparently some feminists have their panties in a twist. It seems they found Toy Story 3 to be sexist.* To discuss the ridiculousness of their charge, I’m going to have to discuss the movie, so mild spoilers are ahead.

A major complaint is the lack of female characters. I can’t really argue with the fact that there aren’t as many female toys, but I didn’t even notice that until I read the article. Maybe, I’m brainwashed and not sensitive enough, but that seriously didn’t bother me. (And stuff bothers me. Ask Todd.) 

Another complaint is the way the female characters are portrayed. The article says Mrs. Potato Head is portrayed as talking too much. I think her mouth was taken away because she was being lippy, not just because she was talking. And lippy women are wonderful, no? 

The writer also says that Barbie is … Read More »

Movie Stuff

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It’s Friday, so I’ll give you guys a break from my boring ramblings, but I thought I would share these fun movie links with you.

This is a movie test. I got a better score than Todd, but not by much. It was pretty embarassing. Please share your scores in the comments so I can either despise you or gloat to myself.

These are movie posters re-done to show the actors who were originally supposed to appear in the movies. I think it’s highly informative. And it will make you grateful that some casting directors came to their senses before it was too late.

Here I am Hollywood

The news recently came out that a movie is being developed for Reese Witherspoon based on The Pioneer Woman’s blog, specifically the part about how she met her husband. I am very happy for my fellow blogger, but I have to admit that I am a bit jealous. See, I feel like if any blogger’s life deserves to get made into a movie, it’s mine.  I mean, she met her husband at a bar. That’s so typical! They’ve already made movies about people who meet in bars! Todd and I met at an ultra-secret spy-training facility. I know some of you may be saying to yourselves, “What? I thought they met at Harding University, a small Christian college in central Arkansas.” You would be wrong. The “small Christian college” thing was just invented as a cover to keep people away, … Read More »

Cindel & Wicket, kind of lame

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Actually Not That Great – The Battle for Endor

You know how when you’re young things appear a certain way, and then you get older and realize they aren’t that way at all? Like, how the roller coaster at Joyland was huge and scary, but really the only scary thing about it was the likelihood it would fall apart with you on it? Or that Strawberry Shortcake smelled good but in actuality is nauseating? Or that Beetlejuice was frightening but really is kind of goofy? Add to that list that Ewok movie, The Battle for Endor, which I thought was good but is truly quite awful.

I still haven’t seen all of the original Star Wars movies, which I know is a huge pop culture blind spot that I need to take care of, but when I was little I  loved The … Read More »