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The other day I made a sarcastic comment about our communication with Youthville. I was pretty frustrated when I wrote that post, but as Todd and my mom quickly pointed out, I probably shouldn’t have written what I did. So I would like to apologize to Youthville for airing my grievances with it in an unhelpful way on my blog.

I would also like to say that there are a lot of good people who work at Youthville who do some very tough jobs very well. They do important work that most of us don’t want to do, and they should be shown more appreciation.

I think my frustrations come from the fact that Youthville is a very large organization that is underfunded and understaffed, and as good as its employees are, due to its size and budget some things happen that … Read More »

Hi! Remember me?

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Hi! My name is Hayley. Once upon a time I had a blog that I, like, updated and stuff. And then I entered a time of my life wherein I fell out of contact with those who care about me*, causing them to become worried and wonder if I’d ever return, similar to an experience of my favorite anti-hero Walter White.**  Well, I’m back!***

So you’re probably wondering where I’ve been and assuming it was some fantastic extended vacation or a long hospital stay that kept me away so long. Actually, it was just boredom with the thoughts in my head that kept me from blogging. If I was bored with myself, how could I expect nearly a dozen people to want to read what I had to write?

I still don’t have much to say but I’ve been reading books lately and … Read More »

Dear Mark Zuckerberg

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

So, I guess I owe you an apology. I’ve said some somewhat unkind things about your Facebook in the past, and about its users maybe being insecure narcissists. But recently, your little invention helped me find some people that are very important to me. I hadn’t seen these people in 6 years, and I’d been looking for them all that time. Yes, we live in Wichita and it’s a relatively small city, but I still couldn’t find them. I finally found them on something called “Bebo,” and even joined it hoping I could use it to contact them. But it turns out no one’s used Bebo in about 3 years due to the ubiquity of Facebook. So then I checked Facebook once again in the hopes they’d finally joined, and they had. I can’t even tell you how … Read More »