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You Make Beautiful Things

Posted on January 20th, by Hayley in My Sister's Kids, Stuff I Made. No Comments

A little over a year ago my nephew decided to be baptized. At that time I had wanted to acknowledge this big decision he was making but I get uncomfortable trying to say touchy-feely stuff to people and I hate writing notes in cards, so Todd and I opted to get him the Narnia books as our way (but really, mostly my way) of saying, “We love you and are proud of you but are too uncomfortable to say more than that out loud so here are some books we think you’ll enjoy. Also, Lucy is awesome.”

So my niece decides to get baptized recently and Todd and I start trying to decide how to wordlessly convey our feelings about this occasion. We’ve set this book-giving precedent, but our niece is not the voracious reader her brother is so we quickly nix … Read More »

“Oz” and other thoughts

Posted on March 15th, by Hayley in Movies, My Sister's Kids. 2 comments

I took my niece and nephew to see Oz The Great and Powerful last weekend. They loved it. (But they also chose watching Larry the Cable Guy’s Tooth Fairy 2 over getting donuts, so their judgment is suspect.) I did not love the movie, for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was that it didn’t seem to respect women. I was thinking about blogging my thoughts but I waited long enough and the internet did it for me. You should go read about it.

In other thoughts, while waiting for the movie to begin my nephew was explaining some rule that exists in his house and how his mom said it was the rule so it was clearly the rule and clearly needed to be taken seriously. And I felt like responding, “Kid, your mom is just my big … Read More »

You’re worth a billion of them.

“So. The world hates you. You are considered the worst thing to be compared to. Throw like a girl. Talk like a girl. Cry like a girl. God forbid we ever be girls.”

This post has been floating around the internet this week. (Warning – adult language.) For those of you who didn’t click through in fear of four letter words I’ll tell you that it’s a letter a woman wrote to her daughter that’s basically about how the world hates her because she’s a girl, but she shouldn’t worry about that because the world is stupid. I enjoyed it and agreed with a lot in part because, except for some details, it could’ve been about my niece who doesn’t fit into any stereotypes.

I’ve seen one criticism of the post but I’m sure there are others out there because this is the internet … Read More »

I can’t think of a cute title for this post. Or a proper way to end it. Sorry.

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This past weekend I made a quick trip with my sister and her kids to see my parents in Tulsa. Saturday night, Little Missy decided she really wanted to watch my parents’ VHS copy of The Lion King, while at the same time G really wanted to show all of us a hilarious train video he’d found on YouTube.

It was probably a pretty obnoxious scene, with my mom, sister and me struggling to connect the correct cords to the correct places on the TV and VCR, Little Missy hovering nearby wondering what was taking us so long, my dad sitting quietly in the corner holding the baby, and G repeatedly telling us we had to watch this YouTube video because it was so funny, seriously. But I don’t think any of us thought it would actually be funny.

We finally got … Read More »