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A little more explanation

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Thanks to everyone who commented on this post. You gave me some insightful answers that weren’t the same old answers I was expecting to get.

This may be unnecessary, but I wanted to give a little more detail to the questions posed after my presentation so that you can better understand the reasons behind my post.

The very first question came from a woman on the front row. She’d been paying attention the whole time and wasn’t shooting me dirty looks or anything. She asked, “So, you’re wanting to do this here, right?” I was confused, but finally figured out she meant do work for Love 146 here in Wichita. (Please note, I had mentioned Love 146 during my presentation, but I discussed probably a dozen groups that work against sex trafficking.)

After I told her that yes, I was interested in starting what … Read More »

I have a question. Please be nice.

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Many moons ago (or maybe just one moon, I don’t know) I spoke to a real college class about international sex trafficking. These were people who paid real money* to learn stuff, and then they came back from their lunch break one day and found me, ready to speak to them for half an hour. They were very polite and looked as though they were interested, and I didn’t lose control of any bodily functions, so I felt like the presentation was a success.

After I was done speaking the teacher opened it up for questions. I had apparently fooled even her into believing I knew what I was talking about.

And then people took her up on her offer and actually started asking me questions. And most of them were about domestic trafficking. I had just spent 30 minutes discussing international … Read More »


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1. What is it about people with OnStar that makes them good drivers? If you notice in the commercials, they’re never the ones who cause the accidents they’re in. Does having OnStar make you a conscientious, but unlucky, driver?

2. Why is the floppy-haired guy on the State Farm commercial standing in the middle of that restaurant? Can he not see the restaurant staff all around him just trying to do their jobs? Also, why did he invite that nice blonde lady to be in his other commercial if he wasn’t going to let her talk?

3. Why is the lady in the Yoplait commercial so mad at her husband? Why does she care if he fibs to his friend regarding his weight loss secrets?

We Should Legalize Drugs (first in a series on things The Wire taught me)

Todd and I recently stayed up until 2:00 am one Sunday morning having our hearts ripped out by David Simon finishing The Wire. It was probably the best ending to a show ever (not because it was an especially happy ending, ‘cause it wasn’t, but because of the continuity and the way it made sense for this particular show), and it almost makes me want to say something bad about Lost, and how The Wire is proof that it’s possible to start stories in season 1 and bring them to logical and satisfying conclusions in the end. But I don’t speak badly of Lost so I won’t say anything like that.  

The Wire was about the modern American city and all its corrupt and crumbling institutions. It mostly used drug dealers and the cops who chase them to symbolize all that’s … Read More »

Bonhoeffer, Childers & Kony

“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“When a man takes guilt upon himself in responsibility, he imputes his guilt to himself and no one else. He answers for it…Before other men he is justified by dire necessity; before himself he is acquitted by his conscience, but before God he hopes only for grace.”
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, and pacifist. Despite his pacifism, Bonhoeffer joined the German resistance against Nazism during World War II and was involved in plans to assassinate Hitler, for which he was hung at the Flossenburg concentration camp.

I thought of Bonhoeffer when I read this articleon Sam Childers, an American preacher who has taken it upon himself to kill Joseph Kony, leader of … Read More »


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We all know that God loves variety, and not only because Morgan Freeman’s character in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves told us so. We also know this because of all the different types of animals, bugs, plants and, most significantly, geeks God made.  There are history geeks, music geeks, book geeks, movie geeks, political geeks, band geeks, goody-two-shoes geeks, Bible geeks, math geeks, World of Warcraft geeks, and science geeks, just to name a few. Obviously, the lines between each subset of geek are often blurry, and at one point or another in my life, I could have been classified as one or more of these types of geek. And I think I’ve accepted that.

But there’s another type of geek, perhaps the quintessential type of geek that I never was: the sci-fi geek.

This is a breed type of geek, … Read More »