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People of the Internet (but specifically the women)

Posted on June 6th, by Hayley in Body Image, Rants, Social Media. No Comments

Please stop making disparaging comments about your bodies on Facebook. Even if it’s self-deprecating humor. Even if it’s in the context of a workout or a healthy meal. Saying you can’t eat anything for the rest of the day after a “splurge” in the morning is not helpful for the girls, teenagers, and women you’re friends with. And making fun of your “jiggling” body is not helpful for the girls, teenagers, and women who may have a little “jiggle” of their own but didn’t know they needed to concerned about it. And if they were already concerned about their “jiggle,” you just told them they were right to be worried.

I know body issues are hard. And I’m not saying you can’t think about having to “make up” for a “bad” meal or worry about your thighs jiggling, but don’t write … Read More »

Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I want everyone to chill out. Cheers, Hayley

This is the first in a new blog series I’m calling “The 12 Posts of Christmas.” Clever, right? I’m probably the only blogger with this type of blog series this month. Actually, I’m just low on inspiration and thought it would be easy to come up with multiple posts regarding Christmas. I may, however, get bored of this before I reach 12 posts.

Last week, while I was waiting for Todd to get home so we could put up our tree, I watched something on the History Channel about the origins of Christmas. Every holiday gets one of these specials that goes through the different traditions associated with the holiday and explains when and why those traditions were started. I always like these specials, but it seems like I never get to … Read More »

Here it is…

Note: This post may not be as controversial as I made it seem in my previous post. Sorry if this disappoints any of you.

There’s an episode of “South Park” (that I heard about from a friend of mine, because I obviously don’t watch that show, Mom) in which a cloud of smug threatens to destroy many of America’s large cities. The smug cloud forms over LA after George Clooney’s bloviating Oscar speech, and then slowly moves to towns like San Francisco and Seattle. It eventually hits the town of South Park, where the citizens have grown smug about their driving hybrid cars. The smug cloud doesn’t devastate the town like it does some of the other big cities, but it does cause extensive damage. According to my friend, after the cloud of smug hits South Park, the adults of South … Read More »

Would you like some added guilt with your news?

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“This week’s new credit card regulations – what do they mean for you? One card now has interest rates of up to 60%. Yeah, sign me up for that. Some protection.”

“Is your stomach full right now? Good for you. Because a lot of Americans can’t say that, and it’s because of the broken government.”

The above sentences were actually spoken by a CNN anchor recently. (Or, something very, very close to the above sentences. I was putting on my face when they were uttered, and as I didn’t have a pen to write them down on my arm a la Hurley, I had to repeat them to myself multiple times so I could remember them and write them down when I got to work. Then I forgot to write them down when I got to work.) The first one was colored … Read More »

Come on, Lady

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(Warning: This may all seem rather petty, but our lives are simple and we like things the way we like them.)

Todd and I went out to the movie theatre this weekend to see Shutter Island. We always arrive for movies early to allow time for us to get our milkshakes from the diner and still get our seats (second row from the top, right in the middle). We’ve gotten our seats the last 75 times we went to the theatre. (Really, we just sat here and calculated that number). But even with a record like that, we’re not cocky. We know we have to get there early and then wait 45 minutes for the movie to start. We feel our seats are worth the time and effort.

So this past Saturday we got to the theatre just a titch later than … Read More »

Yo. Here’s my blog.

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So, here’s my blog. It’s new. I think you should bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed. It has the potential to change your life.

Here are some questions you may have, and also my answers to those questions:

What’s up with your blog’s name?
My name, Hayley, seems easy to spell in theory, but my entire life I’ve had to correct the spelling of it. The most common misspelling is “Haley,” so I’ve often found myself saying “No, it’s with two y’s.” My mom got the spelling of my name from Hayley Mills, she of Parent Trap and Saved By the Bell fame. She is the most famous Hayley (until this blog takes off, and then it’ll be me), so it’s curious to me that so many people spell my name in so many different ways. There’s this whole batch of … Read More »