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Extravagant glowy caftans

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This post was written by me about 8 months ago but I wasn’t feeling the greatest at the time and never posted it. I’m posting it now because I still want to share, but at the same time I don’t feel like making it into a better post. And now that you’re super excited to read it…

So one time this lady wrote a blog post (or maybe it’s just an excerpt from her book?) that said pretty much the same thing that I was trying to say in a recent blog post, but she said it better. I’m attributing most of the differences between our posts to our respective states of mind at the time each post was written. You see, I had recently been on Facebook and had read what proved to be that one-status-update-too-many status update in which … Read More »

Are you f—ing kidding me?

I apologize for the use of an expletive in my title. I couldn’t find a non-vulgar way to convey the absolute absurdity of what I was writing about.

While reading Ms. Magazine’s take down of Toy Story 3, I saw a link to a story on female genital mutilation (FGM). Genital mutilation is disgusting and deplorable and atrocious, one of the cruelest things humans do to other humans. Ms. Magazine also detests genital mutilation, and this article discussed the recent statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatric’s Committee on Bioethics, which suggested that federal and state laws should be revised to allow ritual nicks, a sort of “compromise” on genital mutilation that some think may prevent families from taking their daughter overseas for the real deal. (I believe the AAP has since withdrawn this recommendation, because people pointed out that … Read More »