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Society 6!

Posted on July 12th, by Hayley in Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. 3 comments

Hi everybody! I have some new pieces available! And I’m going to try selling prints of them on Society 6, an awesome website full of great, affordable art (that can turn into quite the time-suck if you’re not careful).

Here are the pieces, which are all prints of original pieces I hand-painted, -cut, and -glued:

Since the originals were handmade the prints will show some of the imperfections of the originals. My little OCD heart kind of hates the imperfections, but my artist heart kind of loves them because they add a warmth to the pieces that digital art just doesn’t have. And that is my timid little sales pitch on why you should but my stuff instead of someone else’s. That, and a promotion Society 6 is offering right now of free shipping on any of my art prints from now … Read More »


Posted on July 17th, by Hayley in Collages, Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. No Comments

As of Sunday night, I have more than one item in my Etsy shop. I’ve got eight new collages on blocks and canvases for sale (some of which you should be able to see to the right), and this time I’m not completely ashamed of my product photography. However, I’m not totally comfortable with my product descriptions. If you read my descriptions please bear in mind that I was tired of agonizing over seeming funny and capable and artistic all at the same time so I just wrote the first things that came to mind with very little editing. And I was done in about half the time it would have otherwise taken me, which was important because I had a cupcake waiting for me.

So please take a look at my augmented Etsy shop, buy something if you’re swayed by my … Read More »

LIV Fest 2012

Posted on June 15th, by Hayley in Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. 1 Comment

I’m going to be at LIV Fest‘s artisan market tomorrow (June 16) from 12-5 p.m. selling my wares. My booth will be on the south side of First Street in between Broadway and Topeka. I will have cards and prints you’ve already seen, as well as new items such as this:

I actually took pictures of some other items, like a canvas with Johnny Cash in a frilly frame and another canvas with Richard Nixon and pink and gold flowers, but those pictures actually turned out worse than the one above.

I also have another octopus diptych, a squirrel watching TV, a pun-ny deer, and cards to say “thank you” in three different langauges. There truly is something for everyone.

The artisan market is free to get into and will include lots of booths selling things like jewelry, art, and handmade bath soaps, as well as food … Read More »

More stuff at Lucinda’s

Posted on May 7th, by Hayley in Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. 2 comments

I recently dropped some more pieces off at Lucinda’s, so these pieces are or will very soon be available for purchase there.

The blocks look really cute resting on a pile of books or tucked in a bookcase, but they can also be hung on the wall. The canvas below would look cool on a shelf leaning against the wall , but it’d also work really well hanging on the wall. The backs of all my pieces are also finished and pretty, so they look good from all angles and would work on a table. (Also, these pieces look better in person. I really need to work on my photography.)

Some other pieces from my portfolio are still available at Lucinda’s as well. Please go check them out and consider giving them a nice, loving home because I miss them and worry about them. Thanks.

Mother’s Day

Posted on May 3rd, by Hayley in Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. No Comments

Mother’s Day is next week! Crazy, right? I can’t believe it’s already May, where has the year gone, etc., etc.

For those of you genuinely surprised by my reminder of Mother’s Day who are now kind of stressed out because you haven’t even started thinking of what to do for your mom, I say, “Thanks for continuing to read this post in spite of your stress.” I also say, “You should continue to keep reading because I’m here to help you.”

For Mother’s Day this year I’m offering free upgraded shipping (as in, overnight shipping) when you order anything from my Etsy shop and pay for regular shipping from now until May 10. This will save you some cash and also some anguish as you can be sure you’ll get a nice gift in plenty of time.

Included in my offer … Read More »

It’s difficult to come up with a title for a post about nothing

Posted on January 5th, by Hayley in Fostering, Stuff For Sale. No Comments

I don’t really have anything I feel like writing about, but I figured it was time to get the “Merry Christmas” post off the top of my page. So here’s some things you might (but probably won’t) find interesting.

I have some items for sale at The Onion Tree, located at Doulgas & Hillside in Wichita. The shop is closing on January 15 and after that I’ll sell the un-sold items through my Etsy shop. But you need to get over there like, today, to look at all the cute things from the other artists.
Our final foster care home inspection is happening on Monday, January 9. We’ve yet to complete the list of things to do that we received at our last Youthville meeting, but we did successfully* install magnetic cabinet locks the other night. We feel pretty good about that.
Wow, … Read More »

ICT Winter Bazaar Recap

Posted on December 18th, by Hayley in Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. 2 comments

Hello! The ICT Winter Bazaar was this afternoon and I think that it went pretty well for my first foray into retail sales. Some of my very favorite pieces found some very nice homes, and I met some very nice people.

If you’re here after picking up my card at the bazaar, welcome! And congratulations on not losing my card between the bazaar and your home, which is what I would have done.

I’ll be up and running in my Etsy shop in a couple of days, where I’ll sell some remaining pieces such as:

Let me give my husband a few days to recover from the bazaar (and from the Broncos’ shocking defeat to the Patriots), and then please visit me on Etsy! Thanks!



Christmas Cards 2011

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Hey people, I’m selling Christmas cards. Some of you have kids and are probably planning on sending out photo cards this year to show off those cute kids. But some of you don’t have kids, and some of you have kids that aren’t that cute, so maybe you just want to send out traditional cards this year. If that’s the case, please take a look at my offerings.

Christmas Cards (Click on the cards for a larger view.)

The cards are $10 for a pack of 12 (including envelopes). You can order a pack which includes 3 of each design or a pack of 12 cards in the same design. I guess we could also do 6 cards in two different designs, if you ask nicely. The inside reads “Happy Christmas!” but you could also personalize your message. Maybe something like, “Susie … Read More »

As Promised

Posted on November 23rd, by Hayley in Christmas, Stuff For Sale. 2 comments

So a while back I promised you guys some products I would be offering for sale. Well, I didn’t follow Todd’s instructions very well in the production of these items, and then we ran into some technical difficulties, which led to some marital difficulties, which all means that I’m posting these items way, way later than I intended to. To try to make up for my tardiness, though, I have even more items to offer you.

Behold, my Christmas 2010 stuff (click each to view a larger image):

These gift tags are $8 for a pack of 16, which includes four of each design. You can get the rectangle tags or square tags. There’s space on the back of the rectangle tags for the To and From info. Below is a picture of how pretty the different tags look on empty boxes … Read More »

For Sale: “Bird perches upon stick, reflecting on the shortness of life, while eyeing a worm that it plans to consume, causing further reflections on the shortness of life.”

Posted on May 19th, by Hayley in Adoption, Collages, For Sale, Fundraising, Stuff For Sale. 1 Comment

Here’s the next piece I’m offering for sale in an effort to raise money for our adoption. I really like the colors on this one (which are more saturated in print) and the fact that it’s a little more clean and modern than most of my collages. I also like the pretentious title Todd gave it.

For $15 you get an 8×10 print on matte, acid-free paper. And all of my profits go towards our baby, so there’s also that.

If you’d like to make a purchase, please use my Contact page to order one. Thanks!