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More stuff at Lucinda’s

Posted on May 7th, by Hayley in Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. 2 comments

I recently dropped some more pieces off at Lucinda’s, so these pieces are or will very soon be available for purchase there.

The blocks look really cute resting on a pile of books or tucked in a bookcase, but they can also be hung on the wall. The canvas below would look cool on a shelf leaning against the wall , but it’d also work really well hanging on the wall. The backs of all my pieces are also finished and pretty, so they look good from all angles and would work on a table. (Also, these pieces look better in person. I really need to work on my photography.)

Some other pieces from my portfolio are still available at Lucinda’s as well. Please go check them out and consider giving them a nice, loving home because I miss them and worry about them. Thanks.

Mother’s Day

Posted on May 3rd, by Hayley in Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. No Comments

Mother’s Day is next week! Crazy, right? I can’t believe it’s already May, where has the year gone, etc., etc.

For those of you genuinely surprised by my reminder of Mother’s Day who are now kind of stressed out because you haven’t even started thinking of what to do for your mom, I say, “Thanks for continuing to read this post in spite of your stress.” I also say, “You should continue to keep reading because I’m here to help you.”

For Mother’s Day this year I’m offering free upgraded shipping (as in, overnight shipping) when you order anything from my Etsy shop and pay for regular shipping from now until May 10. This will save you some cash and also some anguish as you can be sure you’ll get a nice gift in plenty of time.

Included in my offer … Read More »

New Item & Some Sneak Peeks

Posted on April 1st, by Hayley in Stuff I Made. No Comments

Hey-yo. Recently added to my Etsy shop, a cute set of cards:

There are 3 different designs included, and you can see all 3 designs here.

Here are close ups of some things I’ve been working on lately. I’ll post more about them here when they’re done. Isn’t the anticipation fun?

Another Lincoln:


Itty bitty elephant:


Big ol’ flower:


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I’ve mentioned before that when I’m working on new decoupage pieces I have a rotation of movies and TV shows on DVD playing in the background. I recently started wondering if the particular TV show/movie I’m watching has any influence on how the piece I’m working on at the time turns out.

Here’s a diptych I recently completed:

This was done while I watched Emma (the Kate Beckinsale version).* I think maybe I see Emma in the feminine butterflies, but this isn’t the first piece of mine to contain femininity or butterflies.

This is a partial-peek at the new blog header I’ve been working on for my sister’s blog:

I was watching Pushing Daisies while working on this. Pushing Daisies’ aesthetic is very saturated and kitschy, and while this header does feature some strong colors, I think it’s more modern and less kitschy. Also, … Read More »

I’m a chain!

Posted on March 4th, by Hayley in Stuff I Made. 3 comments

No, I’m not a chain. I’m not even a store. But I do have some of my pieces in a store, and when I think about that in my head I say “I’m a chain!” like Truvy in Steel Magnolias. I think “I’m a chain!” is just a phrase to use whenever you’re very excited about something you’ve accomplished. “I got that new job I wanted – I’m a chain!” “I earned my masters degree – I’m a chain!” “I made my bed this morning – I’m a chain!”

So yes, my pieces are now available in a store, specifically Lucinda’s in Old Town Square in Wichita, a cute little store that I’ve given a good chunk of my money to over the last few years. I have blocks, plates, canvases, bookplates, and cards there. My Etsy shop is now bereft … Read More »

ICT Winter Bazaar Recap

Posted on December 18th, by Hayley in Stuff For Sale, Stuff I Made. 2 comments

Hello! The ICT Winter Bazaar was this afternoon and I think that it went pretty well for my first foray into retail sales. Some of my very favorite pieces found some very nice homes, and I met some very nice people.

If you’re here after picking up my card at the bazaar, welcome! And congratulations on not losing my card between the bazaar and your home, which is what I would have done.

I’ll be up and running in my Etsy shop in a couple of days, where I’ll sell some remaining pieces such as:

Let me give my husband a few days to recover from the bazaar (and from the Broncos’ shocking defeat to the Patriots), and then please visit me on Etsy! Thanks!



ICT Winter Bazaar

Posted on November 30th, by Hayley in Stuff I Made. 1 Comment

So my slightly interesting news? I have a booth at the ICT Winter Bazaar on December 18, and I’m going to try to sell stuff. I’ve had the booth reserved for a few weeks now so I’ve been spending most nights at my table, hunched over, cutting out octopus tentacles. It’s really very hard and involves watching lots of Gilmore Girls and the BBC’s Pride & Prejudice while I work. The other night I made the mistake of watching E.T., which is a stupid movie. And yes, I totally cried, but it was because of how bad the movie was, and definitely not because of the love between a boy and an alien.

Anyway, I think I was supposed to be talking about the bazaar. It’s being organized by Bridgit of The Onion Tree, and it’s all local people selling their handmade goods. … Read More »

Christmas Cards 2011

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Hey people, I’m selling Christmas cards. Some of you have kids and are probably planning on sending out photo cards this year to show off those cute kids. But some of you don’t have kids, and some of you have kids that aren’t that cute, so maybe you just want to send out traditional cards this year. If that’s the case, please take a look at my offerings.

Christmas Cards (Click on the cards for a larger view.)

The cards are $10 for a pack of 12 (including envelopes). You can order a pack which includes 3 of each design or a pack of 12 cards in the same design. I guess we could also do 6 cards in two different designs, if you ask nicely. The inside reads “Happy Christmas!” but you could also personalize your message. Maybe something like, “Susie … Read More »

Hummingbird Take Two

Posted on May 4th, by Hayley in Adoption, Collages, For Sale, Fundraising, Stuff I Made. 3 comments

Many of you already know this, but Todd and I are planning to adopt a baby from Rwanda. We started a blog about our adoption nearly a year ago and are just now posting again. We’re working on choosing an adoption agency and starting to raise some money. I’m going to be selling my decoupage art here to help raise money for the adoption. All of the money I make from the sale of the pieces will go towards our adoption fund. 

For the first piece, I’m actually re-offering this Hummingbird piece, as we are now able to make prints of the collage – something we weren’t able to do the first time I posted it. For $15 you get an 8×10 print on matte, acid-free paper. If you’d like to make a purchase, please use my Contact page to order … Read More »

Bowling for Kids’ Sake

My good friend Vanessa works for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Todd and I are once again “helping” her by joining her team for Bowling for Kids’ Sake. I’m hoping to raise more money this year than I did last year (and at least cover the cost of my bowling and pizza), so I’m offering an incentive. For every $10 a person pledges for my bowling, his/her name will be entered in a drawing for an original collage, created just for this giveaway. (So if you pledge $10, your name will be entered once, if you pledge $20, your name will be entered twice, etc.)

The 8″x10″ collage features wings because of how Bigs take Littles “under their wings” when they become mentors. (Cute, no? That part was Todd’s idea.)

Please note: The collage actually looks much better than this, and Todd … Read More »