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Look what I found

Posted on August 22nd, by Hayley in Adoption, On the Interwebs, Stuff That Matters. 1 Comment

I came across a blog, Give 1 Save 1, that raises money for families wanting to adopt. As I understand it, the readers of the blog are asked to give $1 each week, and each Monday a different family or adoption-related group is named as the recipient of all the money donated that week.

Adoptions are very expensive and the grand total of all the costs can be overwhelming and discouraging, so I think this method that asks for a little help from a lot of people is a great idea. And I’m telling you about this on a Monday so you can go right on over there and donate.

I have a question. Please be nice.

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Many moons ago (or maybe just one moon, I don’t know) I spoke to a real college class about international sex trafficking. These were people who paid real money* to learn stuff, and then they came back from their lunch break one day and found me, ready to speak to them for half an hour. They were very polite and looked as though they were interested, and I didn’t lose control of any bodily functions, so I felt like the presentation was a success.

After I was done speaking the teacher opened it up for questions. I had apparently fooled even her into believing I knew what I was talking about.

And then people took her up on her offer and actually started asking me questions. And most of them were about domestic trafficking. I had just spent 30 minutes discussing international … Read More »

Whining is good, but signing petitions is better

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I recently wrote about Hershey’s being a big jerk and not agreeing to use fair trade chocolate. But I failed to tell you what you could do about it, other than whine on your blog.*

So if you’re someone who is really tired of walking into your office’s break room every day and seeing a basket full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and KitKats that you can’t buy because you’re taking a stand against a big, mean chocolate company, you can go here and sign a petition encouraging Hershey’s to do the right thing.

You’ll still have to avoid looking at that basket in your break room, but at least you’ll have done a little something to help someone else.

*Not that that isn’t a terribly effective tool. I mean, I did get my Goonies DVD.


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Sometimes I let my ideals paint me into uncomfortable corners. Like in high school, when I was tired of Kenneth Cole using his ads to promote his political ideology, I decided that I should boycott his products. I don’t know if you guys were shopping at TJ Maxx in the late ‘90s early ‘00s, but about 85% of their shoes were Kenneth Cole. Don’t worry, I soldiered through and found plenty of other shoes to buy, but it wasn’t easy.

Now I’ve forced my family and myself to boycott Hershey’s because they won’t agree to get its cocoa from suppliers who have been verified to meet labor rights standards, such as not using child labor, forced labor, or trafficking. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Hershey’s makes Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This has been very difficult for me.

And … Read More »


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Here’s an update to my post of 12/16/10. It’s not exactly what people were asking for, but it’s still pretty substantial.


“If at the end of court procedures there is claimed to persist a miscarriage of justice, despite all the precautions of the law to the contrary, the ultimate remedy rests in an appeal to the Governor . . . .” (In re Horowitz (1949) 33 Cal.2d 534, 546.)

On March 10, 1994, 16-year-old Sara Kruzan shot and killed her former pimp, 37-year-old George Howard. In response to threats by James Earl Hampton, Ms. Kruzan went to a movie with Mr. Howard. After the movie, the pair went to a hotel. As they prepared to have sexual intercourse, she shot Mr. Howard to death. Ms. Kruzan was convicted of special circumstances first-degree murder (while lying in wait and during … Read More »

We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled blog posts

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So I kind of debated about whether or not to write this post because it could be a tad controversial, but then I decided that I feel strongly enough about it that I’d like to talk about it. And Todd said it was okay.

Sara Kruzan met her future pimp when she was 11 and he was 31. When she was 13 he started pimping her out twelve hours a night, 7 nights a week. When she was 16 she didn’t see a way out of her situation, so she shot and killed her pimp.

She was tried and found guilty, and sentenced to life in prison without parole. She’s now 32 and a model inmate who’s about to receive her associates degree.

A number of people are now working to get Governor Schwarzenegger to grant her clemency before he leaves office. Today, … Read More »

My New Favorite Person (for reals this time)

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A young Saudi woman was recently walking through a park with a young man. A member of the Hai’a, the religious police, stopped the pair to ask for proof of their relationship as it’s illegal for a woman to be alone with a man she’s not related to. The man apparently fainted after being confronted by the police officer. So the woman attacked the police officer, sending him to the hospital. The unidentified woman could now possibly face a prison term and lashings for what she did.

I know that according to MLK Jr., Gandhi, and, most significantly, Jesus, violence is not the answer. But can you imagine how this woman must feel, living in Saudi Arabia, being told she can’t dress the way she wants to, drive herself, or spend time with the people of her choosing? Can you imagine … Read More »

Ms. Magazine Missing the Point Again?

Ms. Magazine’s blog is upset because child prostitutes in Bangladesh are being given cow steroids. Brothel owners use these steroids to fill out the young girls to make them appear older. Older prostitutes use them as a food substitute, in addition to taking them for their “beauty” effects. One prostitute said they make her more attractive, which leads to more clients, which helps her buy her freedom back from her brothel owner.

A group called ActionAid is working to get the steroids off the market and away from madams and prostitutes. An ActionAid worker from Bangladesh said “We are creating awareness amongst the sex workers about the drug’s side effects. We are also holding meeting with the quacks who are selling the drug. In addition, we are reaching the policy makers in drug administration and civil surgeons who can really keep … Read More »

How to make a profit selling virgins for sex

I subscribe to the blog of Tom Davis, the CEO of Children’s HopeChest, an organization serving orphans around the world. Davis blogs about living like Jesus and orphans in general, and also about child sex slavery, which is very close to his heart. Today’s post was what I’ve copied below. I don’t have a way to verify his story, but I trust Davis and HopeChest. Please consider giving what you can to help these girls.

How to make a profit selling virgins for sex
Wednesday July 21, 2010

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It’s apparently very simple.First, you establish yourself as a respected community leader who heads up a women’s rights group in India. This will solidify your reputation as someone who protects and defends young girls.Next, you need to really specialize in something to keep the customers coming back for more. You … Read More »

Bonhoeffer, Childers & Kony

“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.”
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“When a man takes guilt upon himself in responsibility, he imputes his guilt to himself and no one else. He answers for it…Before other men he is justified by dire necessity; before himself he is acquitted by his conscience, but before God he hopes only for grace.”
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, and pacifist. Despite his pacifism, Bonhoeffer joined the German resistance against Nazism during World War II and was involved in plans to assassinate Hitler, for which he was hung at the Flossenburg concentration camp.

I thought of Bonhoeffer when I read this articleon Sam Childers, an American preacher who has taken it upon himself to kill Joseph Kony, leader of … Read More »