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Ms. Magazine Missing the Point Again?

Ms. Magazine’s blog is upset because child prostitutes in Bangladesh are being given cow steroids. Brothel owners use these steroids to fill out the young girls to make them appear older. Older prostitutes use them as a food substitute, in addition to taking them for their “beauty” effects. One prostitute said they make her more attractive, which leads to more clients, which helps her buy her freedom back from her brothel owner.

A group called ActionAid is working to get the steroids off the market and away from madams and prostitutes. An ActionAid worker from Bangladesh said “We are creating awareness amongst the sex workers about the drug’s side effects. We are also holding meeting with the quacks who are selling the drug. In addition, we are reaching the policy makers in drug administration and civil surgeons who can really keep … Read More »

Another one of my gifts to mankind

A few weeks ago I had to drive to my parents’ house by myself. As I have the tendency to get sleepy when I drive, I need to listen to fun music I can sing to keep me alert.  The night before I left I had Todd put a bunch of fun music on my iPod, including my Journey Greatest Hits cd. As I was driving down the road the next day and listening to “Faithfully,” I realized that I really do prefer that song to “Open Arms,” which seems to be most people’s Journey-love-song of choice. I started to think about what I think makes “Faithfully” a superior song, and what that said about me. This is what I found:

I like how there’s not a long chorus that repeats over and over, but lots of long, pretty verses and just … Read More »


So, I’m kind of down on Glee. I don’t want to be. I want the show and me to return to that time last fall, when it made me smile and I was excited about new episodes. I knew it had problems back then, but I figured it was new and would work everything out. It’s been back from its really stupid spring hiatus for a few weeks now, and the problems are still there. And it’s kind of annoying me. I’m not sure that I’m ready to break up with the show just yet, but I was hoping the producers/writers could fix the following things for me:

1. Character Development: Stop it with the plot and character developments that are started in one episode only to be forgotten in the next. This isn’t an ’80’s sitcom – you don’t have … Read More »

TV Stuff

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This is what’s on my mind lately re: TV.

I don’t even like Chuck E. Cheese. It should be more like, “Oh look, a piece of chocolate cake!”
“It’s like when you spend time with a 3-year-old, you quickly find out that one question just begets another — there’s a ‘why’ in the wake of every ‘why’ — and the only way to end the conversation is to say, ‘Oh look, a Chuck E. Cheese!’ The show is doing its best to say, ‘Oh look, Chuck E. Cheese!’ For example, we’ve now given the viewers as much as we’re willing to say about the numbers, and we’re moving on.” Lost co-executive producer Damon Lindelof [Wired]

I know you Lost haters will think this quote proves what you’ve all been saying about how the writers don’t know what they’re doing and they’ve just been … Read More »

Here it is…

Note: This post may not be as controversial as I made it seem in my previous post. Sorry if this disappoints any of you.

There’s an episode of “South Park” (that I heard about from a friend of mine, because I obviously don’t watch that show, Mom) in which a cloud of smug threatens to destroy many of America’s large cities. The smug cloud forms over LA after George Clooney’s bloviating Oscar speech, and then slowly moves to towns like San Francisco and Seattle. It eventually hits the town of South Park, where the citizens have grown smug about their driving hybrid cars. The smug cloud doesn’t devastate the town like it does some of the other big cities, but it does cause extensive damage. According to my friend, after the cloud of smug hits South Park, the adults of South … Read More »

Would you like some added guilt with your news?

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“This week’s new credit card regulations – what do they mean for you? One card now has interest rates of up to 60%. Yeah, sign me up for that. Some protection.”

“Is your stomach full right now? Good for you. Because a lot of Americans can’t say that, and it’s because of the broken government.”

The above sentences were actually spoken by a CNN anchor recently. (Or, something very, very close to the above sentences. I was putting on my face when they were uttered, and as I didn’t have a pen to write them down on my arm a la Hurley, I had to repeat them to myself multiple times so I could remember them and write them down when I got to work. Then I forgot to write them down when I got to work.) The first one was colored … Read More »